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Innovation Team of Soil Health Care

--> Updated: 2022-06-30

Research contents:

Working with the National Engineering Laboratory for Improving Quality of Arable Land, the Sino-German Agricultural Science and Technology Cooperation Platform, and the CAAS-CIAT Sustainable Agriculture Joint Laboratory, and focused on the major needs of sustainable agricultural development and arable land quality conservation, the Innovation Team of Soil Health Care conducts research on arable land quality conservation theories based on soil structure protection, soil organic matter function enhancement, soil biological health management, soil-root interfaces, and processes and mechanisms of carbon and nitrogen. The team also works on the arable land quality conservation technology system based on the intensive use of biological resources and management of grain and bean rotation, the arable land quality monitoring technology featuring spectrum and rapid collection of biological information, and the national arable land quality monitoring and data analysis program.

It provides technical support and services for fulfilling the food crop production strategy based on farmland management and technological application. In doing so it advances reform of the agricultural supply side and carries out the national arable land quality monitoring pilot program.

Research objective:

The team aims to make breakthroughs in key scientific issues of arable land quality conservation theory, technology and equipment, and to create a technological model and ecosystem conducive to green, sustainable development and improvement of arable land quality.

Research direction:

The team conducts research on crop rotation and fertilization mechanisms, conservation tillage and integration of water and fertilizer, soil organic matter and function improvement, and soil microbial utilization and regulation.

Team members:

Established in 2017, the team has 10 members. They are: