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Innovation Team of Agricultural Allocation and Regional Development

IARRP | Updated: 2021-07-08

Research contents:

The Innovation Team of Agricultural Allocation and Regional Development studies the evolutionary process, mechanisms and models of China's agricultural regional pattern, the growth mechanism and cultivation of agricultural industrial clusters, the benefit sharing mechanism of the industrial chain, and the planning method of optimized agricultural layout. The team also explores the spatial variation characteristics and regional division of China's agricultural region in the new situation, the evolutionary law and simulation of regional modern agricultural industrial structure, the coupling mechanism of regional agriculture and modern production factors, and the modern development model and policy regulation of regional agriculture.

Research objective:

The team clarifies the evolutionary law of agricultural regional pattern and the effect of industrial clusters, constructs a methodical system for agricultural layout planning, reveals the law of agricultural regional differentiation in China and the dynamic mechanism of regional agricultural development, and builds a regional modern agricultural development control system.

Research direction:

The team's studies are directed towards the evolutionary mechanisms and simulation research of the spatial patterns of agriculture and animal husbandry, regional modern agricultural development and policy regulation, and theories and methods of agricultural regional planning.

Team members:

Established in 2013, the innovation team of agricultural allocation and regional development has 18 members. They are:

Chief Researcher

Luo Qiyou

Youth Chief Assistant

Gao Mingjie


Jiang Wenlai

Li Wenjuan

Li Jianping

He Yingbin

You Fei

Liu Yang

Zhang Qing

Zhou Zhenya

Xiao Qin

Yang Yadong

Qu Baoxiang

Zhou Xuying

Guo Liying

Wang Xiufen

Li Junjie

Li Guojing